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Hard of hearing support

Hearing loss is one of the most devastating of all conditions to affect mankind.  Even it does not produce any pain or suffering, it isolates one mentally and this is very difficult to bear. Add to this the social and professional apathy towards hearing loss and we have a gargantuan problem.

At Dr Manoj’s ENT, hearing loss is tackled in a systematic way. First of all, we lend a patient ear to your problems. The ear is examined and cleaned with the most sterile instruments. Wax is removed without pain under sophisticated microscopes in the OPD. Not many hospitals have these in operation theatres! The audiology department then assesses hearing. With floating sound treated rooms, and the best audiological equipment in the world today, we precisely determine hearing levels, including  speechaudiometry which is so critical to restoring hearing sense.

If you do require surgery for restoration of hearing, we have the best facilities to do so. Sophisticated operating microscopes, three in number (most teaching hospitals do not even have one!) , high end surgical drills and titatnium instruments ensure that every effort is made towards hearing restoration. Not to mention 25 years of operating experience and many thousands of satisfied patients!

For people who require hearing aids, we have the best hearing aids in the market and fitting is done only after a trial and patient is given enough time to chose what is best for him or her.  Patient satisfaction is given the utmost important. Our skilled audiological team will ensure that this is delivered.

For the unfortunate few who do not benefit with hearing aids, or for children born with severe to  profound hearing loss,  our Cochlear implant center, which is known as one of the best in the world, is at your service

Endoscopic and Skull base surgery

ENT surgery has expanded its vistas more than any other surgical specialty in the world. An excellent example is endoscopic surgery, where the surgeon,  using a rod telescope, gets a panoramic view of structures deep inside the human body and with specially designed instruments, does surgery that was earlier possible only with difficult open surgery.

At Dr. Manoj’sENT , this skill has reached a level of sophistication and expertise scarcely found elsewhere.  The array of sophisticated, world class endoscopes by Karl Storz, high end machines called debriders which remove diseased tissue carefully and bloodlessly made by Medtronic, USA ,  supported by the excellent vision offered by our range of three chip cameras and medical grade monitors give the patient safety and results in endoscopic surgery. Most endoscopis surgeries are daycare, painful nasal packing in never done, bathing and swimming is not prohibited after surgery and patients can go back to work or studies the very next day. Nasal packing is not done even in extensive surgery like stopping the leak of fluid from the brain ( CSFRhinorrhea repair),  reducing the pressure over the nerve to the eye ( optic nerve decompression) ,  removing the tumor from the pituitary gland of the brain ( endoscopic hypophysectomy ) or even extensive tumor removal ( endoscopic medial maxillectomy ).

The safety and results we provide have made patients from far and wide come to us for treatment. We follow international protocols for treatment. Antibiotics are hardly ever used for endoscopic surgery. Our results are constantly validated in our database.

Salivary gland treatment unit

Announcing the launch of Kerala’s First comprehensive Salivary gland treatment unit

Sialendoscopy by Karl Storz Surgery for salivary gland tumors using NIM response II nerve monitor The only center in Kerala with this facility

diagnosis and treatment of majority of Salivary gland diseases without surgery or anesthesia, even in children
removal of salivary gland stones without surgery or external scars
treatment of blocked salivary gland ducts, avoids surgery
removal of complicated salivary gland tumors without disfiguring nerve injury
minimal post operative hospital stay
fast recovery
surgery for parotid, submandibular, sublingual and minor salivary gland tumors.

Headache Clinic

The term “splitting headache” is universally used as an equivalent of misery. Surprisingly, this common condition is mostly misdiagnosed and mistreated. For many patients, the term headache means sinusitis, or infection of the cavities around the nose. However, sinus headaches, even if they are present, are very rare. Most headaches are migraines or one of the migraine variants, and only a clinic specialized in diagnosing and treating migraines would give you the best treatment with minimum medication. At Dr. Manoj’s ENT, we take special care to ensure that this is done. Firstly, a questionnaire is given to the patient to enter his or her findings at leisure. A detailed examination rules out infective causes and then a treatment protocol is devised to get you the best results with minimum medication. Get in touch for us for more details.

Vertigo Clinic

Dizziness and the best way to handle it

Did you know that for most cases of dizziness, no medication is necessary at all? Come to Dr Manoj’s ENT and find out that dizziness is not at all incurable or devastating. A clear cut diagnostic protocol, purely necessary investigations and appropriate management ensures that most people are back to normal activity in just a few days.

Our treatment modules encompass

Epley’s maneuver or log roll maneuver for BPPV.

Exercises for treatment of Meniere’s disease.

Intratympanicgentamycin , sac surgery and vestibular nerve section for intractable meniere’s disease.

Therapy for phobic vertigo.

Posterior canal occlusion for BPPV.

Surgery for acoustic neuroma.
Otology Master Class
From the Organizing desk

Dear friends,

MESIARC CME is here again. We have always strived to bring you the best in Otology, over the past 10 years, Our live surgery workshops, have focused on cutting edge surgery, detailed teaching, scientific deliberations of the highest order and top class video coverage from one of the most advanced otological theatre suites in the world this time, we are focusing on the enigma of budding otologists - cholesteatoma and Otosclerosis. Two very diverse conditions, but requiring surgical expertise of the highest order to deliver good results. The two-day surgical workshops will feature both myself and a luminary in Otology, Dr. Ashesh Bhumker from Thane, Mumbai and we would be demonstrating in detail the finer aspects of surgical techniques that can be adapted by a keen otologist to sustain good results over time.

We have lined up an array of diverse cases- and the techniques that we intend to demonstrate include minimal access stapedotomy, Laser stapes surgery, stapes surgery with stapes head amputation for tendon preservation, bone obliteration technique for cholesteatoma, a variety of grafting techniques, intact canal wall tympanoplasty for limited cholesteatoma and a series of revision surgeries.

Do send in your registrations early as we have to limit attendance to 70 seats. A smaller crowd is ideal for active discussions which is something so characteristic of MESIARC CME programs and we do not want to deviate from that agenda.

Yours truly,

Manoj MP  
Organizing chairman

Otology in Perspective Live Surgery 2015
From the Organizing desk

Mesiarc brings you a unique live surgical workshop- a demonstration of both endoscopic and microscopic otologic skills.

Otologic surgery is special for its intricate anatomy, extreme precision and attention to detail. Traditionally done with the operating microscope, and now in some centers across the world with the endoscope, the repetoire of the art is widening.

Confusion persists. Advocates of endoscopic work claim that the microscope is passe, and traditional surgeons laugh off the ability of the one handed

The truth lies somewhere in between; there are specific conditions that require either of both of the techniques. Dogmatism, they say, is the end of science.

Mesiarc brings you a unique live surgical workshop- a demonstration of both endoscopic and microscopic otologic skills.

MESIARC has always stood for dissipation of knowledge and the live surgical workshops are not pubilicity events, nor are they grandiose. We have just one agenda- to educate.

This workshop with a difference aims to demonstrate both endoscopic and microsopic skills in otologic surgery, while attempting to define which is more suitable for what. Do come and enjoy!

Yours truly,

Manoj MP  
Organizing chairman

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