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Post Operative Instructions



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Hospital Stay
The patient stays for a few hours in the hospital

Post operative medications
The patient takes prescribed antibiotics and pain killers provided in the kit.

A regular diet may be resumed from the day of the surgery.

Wound Care
The operated ear is usually packed and full of blood. It will feel clogged and you may hear crackling sounds.

Do not allow any water to enter the operated ear for the first 10 days after the surgery. Protect the ear       during showering or washing the hair with a large cotton ball coated with Vaseline. It is a good idea to have       someone help you with washing the scalp to avoid water. When finished washing, remove the coated       cotton. A shower cap provides extra protection.

Do not blow your nose. Blowing can build excessive pressure in the operated ear and displace the eardrum       and the Teflon piston which was inserted into the ear.

If you have to sneeze, please do it with your mouth wide open to avoid pressure build up in your ear.

Routine Activities
Patient can travel by road or rail on the day of the surgery and by air five days after the surgery.

Patient can go to work the day after the surgery.

Patient can have a head bath the day after the surgery with ears plugged tightly with cotton smeared with       Vaseline.

The patient can swim and dive 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

The patient should not lift heavy weights or strain 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

The can resume in scuba diving and sky diving a few weeks after the surgery.

Post operative visits
The first visit after the surgery is on the 10th day after surgery for wound inspection only.

The second visit is 3 weeks from the day of the surgery

Subsequent visits are 2nd month, 3 months post operative and every 3 months for the first year

The patient does an audiogram from the second visit and during every visit mentioned above.

Patient based outside India will have to be there for at least the first two visits and make their subsequent       visit on the next travel to India.

Call Us
If you experience pain, discharge or vertigo.

Otology Master Class
From the Organizing desk

Dear friends,

MESIARC CME is here again. We have always strived to bring you the best in Otology, over the past 10 years, Our live surgery workshops, have focused on cutting edge surgery, detailed teaching, scientific deliberations of the highest order and top class video coverage from one of the most advanced otological theatre suites in the world this time, we are focusing on the enigma of budding otologists - cholesteatoma and Otosclerosis. Two very diverse conditions, but requiring surgical expertise of the highest order to deliver good results. The two-day surgical workshops will feature both myself and a luminary in Otology, Dr. Ashesh Bhumker from Thane, Mumbai and we would be demonstrating in detail the finer aspects of surgical techniques that can be adapted by a keen otologist to sustain good results over time.

We have lined up an array of diverse cases- and the techniques that we intend to demonstrate include minimal access stapedotomy, Laser stapes surgery, stapes surgery with stapes head amputation for tendon preservation, bone obliteration technique for cholesteatoma, a variety of grafting techniques, intact canal wall tympanoplasty for limited cholesteatoma and a series of revision surgeries.

Do send in your registrations early as we have to limit attendance to 70 seats. A smaller crowd is ideal for active discussions which is something so characteristic of MESIARC CME programs and we do not want to deviate from that agenda.

Yours truly,

Manoj MP  
Organizing chairman

Otology in Perspective Live Surgery 2015
From the Organizing desk

Mesiarc brings you a unique live surgical workshop- a demonstration of both endoscopic and microscopic otologic skills.

Otologic surgery is special for its intricate anatomy, extreme precision and attention to detail. Traditionally done with the operating microscope, and now in some centers across the world with the endoscope, the repetoire of the art is widening.

Confusion persists. Advocates of endoscopic work claim that the microscope is passe, and traditional surgeons laugh off the ability of the one handed

The truth lies somewhere in between; there are specific conditions that require either of both of the techniques. Dogmatism, they say, is the end of science.

Mesiarc brings you a unique live surgical workshop- a demonstration of both endoscopic and microscopic otologic skills.

MESIARC has always stood for dissipation of knowledge and the live surgical workshops are not pubilicity events, nor are they grandiose. We have just one agenda- to educate.

This workshop with a difference aims to demonstrate both endoscopic and microsopic skills in otologic surgery, while attempting to define which is more suitable for what. Do come and enjoy!

Yours truly,

Manoj MP  
Organizing chairman

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