Ear,Nose & Throat Surgery

Chronic ear disease remains a problem in India. Dr. Manoj’s team performs over 700 surgeries every year, most of them for advanced ear disease and previous surgical failures with successful results over 97%. Most of the surgeries are performed as daycare surgeries and the patient is back to a routine from the next day. Technically demanding surgeries like stapedotomy is performed with the latest sophisticated instruments like the microdrill with no post-operative discomfort like nausea or vomiting. Special ear surgeries like cochlear implantation, facial nerve decompression, posterior canal occlusion for vertigo, perilymphatic fistula closure, and endolymphatic sac decompression are performed here.

Apart from the routine nasal surgeries, endoscopic surgeries for CSF leak closure, FESS, Endoscopic DCR, Optic nerve decompression, Orbital decompression are done. The team is specially trained for operating on advanced head and neck malignancies, maxillofacial traumas and voice restoration surgeries.

Welcome to my ENT department which offers comprehensive medical and surgical services at affordable cost to the patients in Kerala and beyond. The prime object behind this movement is to provide all sorts of advanced treatment in ENT,

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