Contrary to popular opinion, modern ENT practice ensures that you need not suffer from hearing loss and think it is "incurable"! With the latest cutting edge technology and safe surgical techniques, it is possible for every person to hear clearly. Surgery for discharging ears and diseases like otosclerosis has evolved to a state where over 95% of patients could have their hearing restored to near normalcy. Stapedotomy, earlier thought to be a "dangerous" operation is now a safe, daycare procedure, done with great precision with the Micro drill, much safer than laser, and you could leave hospital in two hours after surgery and be back to work!

In the rare event where disease has destroyed the middle ear, and surgery cannot restore hearing, we have new innovations like Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and middle ear implants that are safe and very effective. Unlike earlier, these devices are now so sophisticated that they cannot be seen easily and can even be used to treat "nerve" deafness so that you need not be seen wearing a hearing aid!
Even if modern digital hearing aids can give almost natural hearing, there are a few who cannot benefit. Cochlear implants are a boon to such, and in our center, over 160 people have had this surgery, with outcomes far exceeding expectations. A dream team of surgeons, audiologists and therapists work hard to ensure that this comes true

With modern diagnostic equipments like OAE, BERA, ASSR and conditioned audiometry, exact diagnosis of hearing disorders of very young infants can be done accurately and quickly and intervention started very early. Research has showed that the earlier children with hearing loss are identified, the better are their chances to speak normally. With technology matching the best in the world, we are hear to ensure that deafness need not prevent children from speaking!

Using modern diagnostic methods, we manage all kinds of allergy and help people perform to their ability, unshackled by disease. Inhalers, unlike popular conception are safe and effective for long-term use, and even young children or pregnant women can use them without worry.

Latest development and research into balance disorders help us to treat a majority of patients with dizziness without medication but with rehabilitation exercises. Inner ear surgery for dizziness helps the unfortunate few who have very severe disease.

Videostroboscopy, videonasopharyngostroboscopy, computerized voice analysis and video-endoscope assisted phonomicrosurgery aren't just fancy words, but technology we use to treat patients with voice disorders and professionals like singers, teachers or public performers to safeguard their voice which is, for them, their means of livelihood. Even patients with cancer of the voice box can be taught to speak again, even after surgery to remove the larynx.

Most people do not know that sinus endoscopes can be used not only to effectively treat sinus infections, but also some diseases of the eye and brain, without ugly external incisions or long periods of bed rest.

Computerized sleep lab and sleep analysis can find out if you or your spouse has a dangerous variety of snoring causing daytime sleepiness, high blood pressure and chance of strokes. Not only that, but you could be cured completely using CPAP machines or surgeries like UPPP, tongue base reduction by laser or mandibular advancement.