Ear,Nose & Throat Surgery

Dr. Manoj’s team performs over 700 surgeries every year. most of them for advanced ear disease.

Hearing Restoration Surgery

Hearing loss is conductive in nature when the sound waves fail to travel to the inner ear and sensorineural in nature...

Microtia Service

Children and adults with congenital auricular atresia, or microtia, are cared for here by the Microtia Service...

Otology / Neurotology Clinic

The hearing organs and the brain are closely associated and so the significance of the neurotology...


Many patients with unsteadiness and/or vertigo are undiagnosable and usually improve with time...


A myringotomy is a surgically placed tiny incision in the eardrum. Any fluid, usually thickened secretions...


Tympanoplasty or the reconstruction of the middle ear due to disease, trauma or congenital causes remains the major...


Located behind the ear, the mastoid bone connects to the middle ear and, when healthy, is filled with air.

Ossicular Reconstruction

Ossicular reconstruction is the reconstruction of tiny bones of the middle ear. If the gap between the anvil bone...


Stapes surgery is undeniably the most precise and exacting otologic surgery ever. This procedure involves replacing...

Head & Neck Cancer Surgery & Post Laryngectomy Voice Rehabilitation

Dr. Manoj’s team remains the only center in north Kerala providing immediate...

Vestibular Testing

The state of the art Vestibular Laboratory facilitates a rapid quantitative functional assessment of patients with dizziness,..

Vestibular Rehabilitation

People who are experiencing dizziness or balance problems may have difficulty performing their normal, everyday...


Electronystagmography is used to record nystagmus, which is an involuntary eye movement characterized by the eye...

Sleep Lab

Sleep studies are tests that watch what happens to your body during sleep. The studies are done to The studies are done to...

Allergy Clinic

Working in tandem with the respiratory physicians, Dr. Manoj’s Institute has a comprehensive allergy programme.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

No single surgical technique has bought about such a dramatic change in attitude towards an entire field of surgery...


Septoplasty is an operation that corrects any defects or deformities of the nasal septum, which is the wall between...

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty is performed to reshape, reduce or augment...

Turbinate Reduction Surgery

Enlarged inferior turbinate is often the cause of chronic nasal congestion. Even after the underlying problem is...

Thyroid surgery

Somewhat similar to the parotid tumor surgery is the surgery for thyroid tumors or very large disfiguring thyroids. .


Laryngeal framework surgery for voice disorders is gaining popularity and Dr. Manoj’s team has well-trained surgeons...

Professional Voice Surgery

Suspension microlaryngoscopy is the gold standard treatment for a large number of lesions of the voice box. Polyps, cysts, scar tissue..


Microlaryngoscopy is a procedure that means the vocal folds are looked at in great detail with magnification. he magnification may be...

Vocal Fold Injection Medialization

Vocal fold injection is used to treat unilateral vocal fold paralysis by injecting material into the paralyzed vocal fold.


Thyroplasty is a surgical technique designed to improve the voice by altering the cartilages of the larynx.

The Endo Stroboscope

The Institute is equipped with a state- of- the- art ATMOS Endo Stroboscope. Used to assess vocal cord vibration patterns,..

Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is a behavioral method for changing the manner of voice production. Furthermore, the therapeutic...

Cochlear Implant Clinic

Cochlear implant surgery is not just about inserting an electrode into the inner ear. It starts with a precise diagnosis,..


Tympanometry is an objective test done to analyze middle ear pathology when the tympanic membrane is normal.

Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry

This test is ordered by physicians to help diagnose nervous-system abnormalities..

Auditory steady-state evoked response (ASSR)

The Auditory steady-state evoked response (ASSR) is a brain response...

Oto Acoustic Emissions

Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) are sounds that are produced by healthy ears in response to acoustic stimulation or...

NRT (Neural Response Telemetry)

NRT (Neural Response Telemetry) is a quick and non-invasive objective measure of peripheral neural function at up to 22...

Digital Hearing aid trial, Prescription, Programming & Fitting

With facilities for hearing aid selection, programming & fitting, patients have...

Ear moulds

Ear mould is an essential part of hearing aid fitting. Ear mould is used for delivering the sound into the ear canal..

Speech & Language Therapy

Auditory verbal therapy, the latest in auditory rehabilitation is a specialty of the institute. This method ensures that...

Auditory Verbal Therapy

Auditory-Verbal therapy is a specialized type of therapy designed to teach a child to use the hearing provided by a...

Pure tone audiometry / Speech audiometry

Equipped with advanced audiological equipment, Dr. Manojs Institute provides all kinds of audiological investigations...

Other Facilities

Miniplate fixation for facial fractures, Cosmetic rhinoplasty & management of deep space neck infections.

Parotid Surgery

The face is the mirror of the mind, a paralysis of the face can have devastating, long-term consequences.

Vocal Fold Paralysis Surgery

Depending on whether its unilateral or bilateral vocal fold paralysis, phonosurgery is designed to make the voice and airway better ...

Welcome to my ENT department which offers comprehensive medical and surgical services at affordable cost to the patients in Kerala and beyond. The prime object behind this movement is to provide all sorts of advanced treatment in ENT,

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