Examination Of Nose And Paranasal Sinuses


(a) Nasal Discharge- Duration-
Continuous/ Intermittent
Unilateral/ Bilateral
Watery/ Purulent/ Blood stained
oul-smelling/ Non- foul smelling
Associated- Headache/ Sneezing
(b) Nasal Obstruction - Duration-
Diurnal variation-
Intermittent/ Continuous
Unilateral/ Bilateral
Associated- Headache/ Nasal
Discharge/ Foul smell

(c) Headache - Duration-
Continuous/ Intermittent
Shooting/ Dull throbbing/ Heaviness
Mild/ Severe
Localized/ Generalized
Diurnal variation
Aggravating/Relieving Factors-
Associated Sneezing/ Nasal
Obstruction/ Nasal discharge

(d) Sneezing - Duration –
Aggravating/ Relieving factors-
Frequency of episodes
Associated Nasal discharge/

(e) Epistaxis - Duration -
Frequency of episodes-
Quantity of blood loss in each
Unilateral/ Bilateral
Spontaneous/ Traumatic
Aggravating/ Relieving Factors
Similar Family history-
Bleeding from other sites
Any treatment taken-

(f) Others - Change of smell/ Loss of smell Nasal intonation of voice
Crusting in nose
Diplopia/ Other visual disturbances
Otalgia/ Otorrhoea
Swelling of Face-
Nose picking
Bleeding tendencies in self/ family
Drug intake
  • Personal history:
    1. Alcoholism
    2. Smoking
    3. Snuff abuse
    4. Occupation in chrome/ metal industry

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