Hearing Restoration Surgery

Hearing loss is conductive in nature when the sound waves fail to travel to the inner ear and sensorineural in nature when the damage is in the auditory nerve and the inner ear. A thorough examination by the otologist aided by the audiological tests helps to identify where the problem lies.

Most of the causes for the conductive hearing loss can be surgically corrected. Examples for conductive hearing loss include tympanic membrane perforation or ossicular damage in chronic ear disease and otosclerosis where there is a fixation of stapes bone.

The goal of the surgery is to give a dry and disease free ear to the patient and restore hearing. Any patient who is a candidate for surgical hearing restoration is by definition a candidate as well for a hearing aid through the fidelity of hearing is, in general, better with surgery than with a hearing aid. This should be discussed with the otologist who will recommend either surgery or amplification for each specific case.

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