Parotid Surgery

The face is the mirror of the mind, a paralysis of the face can have devastating, long-term consequences. Surgery for the parotid gland is sometimes necessary because tumors of the parotid gland can become malignant or are malignant during diagnosis itself. Fortunately, good surgery can most often result in a cure. However, to make things complicated, the delicate nerve that moves the facial muscles, including the muscles of emotion and smile, passes through the facial nerve. Surgery of the parotid gland is essentially about finding and preserving the facial nerve while removing the tumor.
At Dr. Manoj’s ENT, skill combined with technology ensures that the facial nerve is always identified and the tumor removed. With the world’s most advanced multiple nerve monitor, even difficult parotid surgeries including revisions are performed with relative ease. In the rare event that the facial nerve has to be removed in case of a malignant tumor, specialization in microvascular techniques help us in grafting the nerve immediately on the table, or rarely as a second stage procedure. This is rarely necessary, however, most of our patients even with malignant parotid tumors, including an 11-year-old boy, do not even have minimal facial weakness and continue to lead normal lives. So, do not despair, if you or someone you know has a parotid tumor. Help is always at hand!

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