Tympanoplasty or the reconstruction of the middle ear due to disease, trauma or congenital causes remains the major work of otologists worldwide. A precise and exacting surgery where even the smallest mistake can result in failure or complications, the art of middle ear surgery continues to evolve, and technological advancements along with surgical skill have made it a great art. In Dr. Manoj’s ENT, no effort is spared to give patients of chronic ear disease, the best possible result. Over 25 years of surgical experience coupled with state-of-art equipment gives the patients from far and wide the most satisfying results.

There are high-end otologic microscopes, Carl Zeiss Vario and Movena in the operation theatre with xenon illumination and variable optics, high end otologic drills by Bein-air and Medtronic, titanium otology microinstruments, the only multiple nerve monitor NIM response2 in the state, Kurz middle ear implants, all combining to make even complicated revision surgery safe to the patient. Not surprisingly, over 30% cases being operated in this institute are failed surgeries done elsewhere.

With an almost non existent complication rate, high graft take-up rates in excess of 97%, short hospital stay (usually day-care), and immediate return to active duty (you could wash your hair just three days after surgery), makes this institute the number one option for advanced middle ear surgery for chronic ear disease.

Welcome to my ENT department which offers comprehensive medical and surgical services at affordable cost to the patients in Kerala and beyond. The prime object behind this movement is to provide all sorts of advanced treatment in ENT,

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