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Mesiarc Hospital

One of the world's leading hospitals providing safe & compassionate care at its best for everyone.

Welcome to my ENT department which offers comprehensive medical and surgical services at affordable cost to the patients in Kerala and beyond. The prime object behind this movement is to provide all sorts of advanced treatment in ENT, which includes Audiology, Speech pathology, Vestibular medicine and Pulmonology.

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Children's Services

Children's Auditory Research and Evaluation (CARE) Center

MESIARC S Children's Auditory Research and Evaluation (CARE) Center is devoted to improving the communication ability of infants and children with auditory disorders through research, clinical services and education of professionals and families

Our Services


Hearing Aids

There are no hearing aids that are only for children, but there are hearing aids with features that suit children especially well. These include, among others:

  •  Flexibility in gain and output
  •   Multiple frequency band programmability
  •   Standard extended warranties
  •  Feedback control
  •   Choice of colors
  •   Capability to connect to FM and other external devices such as iPods and cellular telephones
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Vertigo Clinic

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Hard of Hearing Support

Hearing loss is one of the most devastating of all conditions to affect mankind. Even it does not produce any pain or suffering, it isolates one mentally and this is very difficult to bear. Add to this the social and professional apathy towards hearing loss and we have a gargantuan problem.

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Endoscopic & Skull base Surgery

ENT surgery has expanded its vistas more than any other surgical specialty in the world. An excellent example is an endoscopic surgery, where the surgeon, using a rod telescope, get a panoramic view of structures deep inside the human body and with specially designed instruments, does surgery that was earlier possible only with difficult open surgery.

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Salivary gland Treatment Unit

Sialendoscopy by Karl Storz Surgery for salivary gland tumors using NIM response II nerve monitor The only center in Kerala with this facility

  •  Diagnosis and treatment of the majority of Salivary gland diseases without surgery or anesthesia, even in children
  •  Removal of salivary gland stones without surgery or external scars treatment of blocked salivary gland ducts avoids surgery.
  •  Removal of complicated salivary gland tumors without disfiguring nerve injury.
  •  Minimal postoperative hospital stay.
  •  Fast recovery.
  •   Surgery for parotid, submandibular, sublingual and minor salivary gland tumors.


Headache Clinic

The term “splitting headache” is universally used as an equivalent of misery. Surprisingly, this common condition is mostly misdiagnosed and mistreated. For many patients, the term headache means sinusitis or infection of the cavities around the nose. However, sinus headaches, even if they are present, are very rare. Most headaches are migraines or one of the migraine variants, and only a clinic specialized in diagnosing and treating migraines would give you the best treatment with minimum medication. At Dr. Manoj’s ENT, we take special care to ensure that this is done. Firstly, a questionnaire is given to the patient to enter his or her findings at leisure. A detailed examination rules out infective causes and then a treatment protocol is devised to get you the best results with minimum medication. Get in touch with us for more details.